Glossier Play

Ready to enter the Glossier Playroom?


Indifference to beauty products slathered in emojis and millennial pink is not a trait typically associated with the Gen-Z or millennial generation. In fact, the cultish adoration of all things Glossier is bordering on hysteria. Many have gone so far as to say Glossier is the “holy grail” of the beauty industry, one tweeter declared “I just wanna rub Glossier’s coconut balm all over my life.” Err sounds… sticky.

In recent years Glossier has been gradually releasing new products into its arsenal, with products like its Milky Jelly Cleanser and Balm Dot Com all espousing the brand’s “skin care first, makeup second” philosophy. Glossier started its journey as the popular blog, Into The Gloss which was set up by Emily Weiss, the now CEO of Glossier, in 2010.

But a new dawn has fast approached, and last month Glossier revealed it had been secretly working on a second brand for the past two years (still under the Glossier Inc. umbrella) called Glossier Play. Cue all out frenzy and Watergate-level sleuthing from major news outlets. Fans wanted in on Glossier Play, they wanted it now- and were prepared to deploy any number of pouty-face emojis to get their way.

Glossier wasn’t budging and so continued to tease followers with animated Instagram posts of its signature “G” logo covered in glitter and bold red.

Theories about what Glossier Play could be were concocted by those scouring through all their registered trademarks to find clues; the ‘playroom’ trademark, filed last year, appeared to be for all types of new products including lotion and body spray (which Glossier already sells), air fragrance, candles, incense, scented papers, and matches. Nobody picked up on the fact that Emily Weiss had brazenly test-driven the sparkly new Glossier Play products in a New Year’s Eve selfie.

Today, Glossier Play launches on their website and quite possibly it will break the internet: “Meet the new brand of dialed-up beauty extras that make getting ready the best part about going out.”

It includes four new makeup products- Colorslide, a long-lasting gel eyeliner pencil, Vinylic Lip, a shiny lip lacquer that comes in a clicky-pen applicator, Niteshine, a pearly highlighter, and Glitter Gelée, a glitter gel that gives you a jewelled effect. All products are available in a variety of bold shades, which is certainly a departure from Glossier’s signature muted, natural shades.

There are also two new makeup tools in the Glossier Play offering- including Blade, a sharpener, and The Detailer, an applicator designed for the Glitter Gelée.

Here’s my edit of the 4 must-have products:

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Glitter Gelée Bijoux Bijoux metallic gunmetal with flecks of platinum, £12

Colorslide in 14 vibrant shades, £13

Vinylic Lip in Baby, a siren red, £14

Niteshine in Platinum Rose, a pink luster for a rosy sheen, £17