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Absolutely honoured to be a part of the inaugural ELLE Weekender at London’s Saatchi Gallery. I was invited to speak about Why Representation in Fashion Matters- a panel event hosted by Liv Little and also featuring Charli Howard, Munroe Bergdorf and Jan De Villeneuve. Here’s a roundup of my viewpoints for the discussion and a sneak peek into the fantastic event itself.




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In the past year a cataclysm has occurred- people are now extremely conscious of the importance of representation and inclusivity. Yes, it really does matter! It's no longer acceptable for artists and creators to reflect a tiny segment of our society- the small minority which conforms to traditional ideals of 'beauty'. The fashion world is no exception, and to this day we've seen a push towards visibility in many areas of this global industry. To find out more about myself and my perspective on these issues, I've written a letter to you- the reader.


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8 everyday high summer outfits to take you from beach to bar stool. Styling suggestion: ice cold mojito (of course).



The V&A has launched the first retrospective of Mary Quant's designs in more than 50 years. But how has our view of the most iconic 60s fashion designer and the miniskirt evolved in the post-MeToo era?


Susan Sontag’s ‘Notes on Camp’ was the inspiration behind this year’s Met Gala. Here’s my roundup of all the sassiest looks to hit the pink carpet.

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My edit of the 8 contemporary bag designers you need on your radar…


The world’s first zero-waste beauty brand

Recently launched in the UK, Ethique is the female-founded ethical beauty company hitting the headlines with its eco-friendly soap bars. I replaced all my beauty products for 4 of their solid bars. Here’s what went down…

Telegraph Fashion Feature

I discuss the issues surrounding diversity in fashion, Selma Blair’s defiant red carpet debut and the burgeoning adaptive clothing market which is set to reach a staggering $288.7bn this year. Also featuring a cringey throwback to age 5 when I dabbled with clown-chic…



My edit of the standout fashion week trends and how to shop the new season now


Q&A Women’s March London

“Everything that has taken place in the last 50 years leading up to Trump's election has created the conditions for this movement to come into being. The ascendancy of racist and divisive rhetoric at the heart of western democracy was the catalyst for women coming together and saying we will not be silenced and bullied by patriarchal white supremacist power.” We discuss everything from what makes an effective protest to whether there’s any such thing as “authentic” participation in a world dominated by social media.


How To Wear Coral

It’s official ‘Living Coral’ is 2019’s Colour of the Year. At first glance this shade is not the most wearable colour, but here are a few tips and shopping picks to convince you otherwise.

Opinion: Why We Need More Disability Representation in Politics

Although 20% of people have disabilities, less that 1% of MPs are disabled in the UK.


Interview: the UK’s First Inclusive Modelling Agency

Since launching in early 2017, Zebedee Management has exclusively represented people with physical and learning disabilities.


The Big Debate

Should fashion always be politically correct? Is the current climate of censorship destroying artistic freedom? Here’s my take.

How to Curate a Jewellery Uniform

…and 6 new influencer-approved jewellery labels you need on your radar. Essential reading.


ES Magazine Feature: An ode to the corner shop

“This everyday space has become part of the cultural zeitgeist, serving as an imaginative playground for artists, writers and the fashion community. In recent months, the convenience store has become the backdrop to everything from novels to fashion campaigns. The corner shop is cool”...




Fashion Originators Podcast

EPISODE 40: What 'diversity' in fashion really means with fashion journalist and activist Lottie Jackson

“Diversity doesn’t begin and end with who we see in front of the camera. We need to have more diverse voices leading from behind the camera. For instance, it would be great to have even more minority voices in positions of creative authority, making business decisions or shaping the way fashion is communicated to the world through the media. Positive change will happen organically if there’s more representation at all tiers of the fashion industry.”



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