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Absolutely honoured to be a part of the inaugural ELLE Weekender at London’s Saatchi Gallery. I was invited to speak about Why Representation in Fashion Matters- a panel event hosted by Liv Little and also featuring Charli Howard, Munroe Bergdorf and Jan De Villeneuve. Here’s a roundup of my viewpoints for the discussion and a sneak peek into the fantastic event itself.




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In the past year a cataclysm has occurred- people are now extremely conscious of the importance of representation and inclusivity. Yes, it really does matter! It's no longer acceptable for artists and creators to reflect a tiny segment of our society- the small minority which conforms to traditional ideals of 'beauty'. The fashion world is no exception, and to this day we've seen a push towards visibility in many areas of this global industry. To find out more about myself and my perspective on these issues, I've written a letter to you- the reader.


New Features


How To Wear Coral

It’s official ‘Living Coral’ is 2019’s Colour of the Year. At first glance this shade is not the most wearable colour, but here are a few tips and shopping picks to convince you otherwise.

Opinion: Why We Need More Disability Representation in Politics

Although 20% of people have disabilities, less that 1% of MPs are disabled in the UK.


New year, new style inspiration. Check out my jumbo mood-board for how to navigate the post-Christmas (not-yet-spring) season with a crush of colour and serious flair.


The New Year’s Eve Style Edit


ES Magazine Feature: An ode to the corner shop

“This everyday space has become part of the cultural zeitgeist, serving as an imaginative playground for artists, writers and the fashion community. In recent months, the convenience store has become the backdrop to everything from novels to fashion campaigns. The corner shop is cool”...

How to Curate a Jewellery Uniform

…and 6 new influencer-approved jewellery labels you need on your radar. Essential Christmas reading.

Purple Tuesday

Everything you need to know about the purple pound and the UK's first accessible shopping day.


The Party Edit

Sequins, velvets, sparkling jewels, this season everything is just that little bit extra. Here’s my pick of the standout dresses, jumpsuits and all the trimmings. Get your glad rags on, it’s time to party!

The Verdict on GRAZIA’S Big Fashion Issue

This season’s Big Fashion Issue was dedicated to highlighting disability representation. So in 2018 why does a cover featuring inspiring, powerful women (who happen to have disabilities) have to be seen as revolutionary?


The Autumn Edit

From an autumnal take on the coveted wrap dress to pearlescent accessories, check out my edit of the pieces I’m loving right now- in stores and online. You’re welcome.


Spotlight on the AW18 Collections

Take some last-minute inspiration from the catwalks of London, New York, Paris & Milan with my analysis of 10 standout collections.

Why You Should be Talking About Circular Fashion

Everything you need to know about Circular Fashion and the companies disrupting the fast fashion model.

#1 Beauty How-To: Speedy Facial

At first glance, this basketful of products may not look speedy!… but trust me this is a 3 minute fuss-free beauty regime you need in your life.

Image by Nick Knight

Is our excreta the future of sustainability in fashion?

Imagine a future in which our bodies could secrete their own clothes and accessories? For the designer Alice Potts this concept is fast becoming a reality- she uses bio-technologies to demonstrate how our body’s excreta could be the future of sustainable fashion. As fashion has long been considered an extension of the self, Potts creates garments that are an actual biological representation of the wearer. Originally published by


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