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the telegraph- Is diversity in the fashion industry just a trend?

My opinion piece for The Telegraph explores whether fashion’s fascination with inclusivity is part of a long-lasting movement. Or simply a transient fad driven by a desire to hit the headlines. Huge thank you to Georgina Ripley, curator of the world’s first exhibition exploring diversity in fashion- Body Beautiful: Diversity on the Catwalk, for her insights. The exhibition opened last week and is on until 20 Oct 2019 at Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland so go check it out!

"Everyone can recall one trend that they gladly expelled from their wardrobe. For me, it was a terry towel pedal pushers and zip-up combination - a kind of Poundland version of the Juicy Couture tracksuits sported by J Lo circa 2001. It didn’t quite have the velveteen pelt of the Juicy Couture one, nor the bedazzled tush, but it would do. Thankfully this iconic Noughties look was soon passé, owing to the short lifespan of trends. So, you might understand my apprehension when diversity - the push for greater representation in fashion - is referred to as a ‘trend’. Is fashion’s fascination with diversity really a brief sidestep in history, like my terry towel tracksuit, or is it a true, long-lasting movement?..."

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