SQUISH! squish!

A review of SQUISH, the new inclusive beauty brand founded by model and activist Charli Howard

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Flawless skin is a myth, according to the founder of a new inclusive beauty brand Charli Howard. Where traditional beauty companies have tried to sell us the unreachable dream of unblemished skin with not a wrinkle or spot in sight, Squish is bringing us a much needed reality check. Honesty is the best policy after all.

Inspired by her own experiences with troubled skin growing up, Charli set out to create a company that focuses on embracing flaws rather than concealing them: “From day one, I wanted to use role models with real skin in my brand images – girls with acne, girls with scars, girls with cellulite – but who have voices and great personalities.” The group of diverse models range from size 0 to size 20. “All bodies are un-retouched, raw and real,” Charli adds.

The first drop of products includes the juiciest cherry-shaped eye and cheek masks, sparkling flower-shaped acne patches, and the perfect 90s-style clear jelly lip gloss—all available to buy separately or in handy SquishKits.

This is a natural career move for the activist and model Charli Howard who has built her reputation on cutting through illusions and speaking the truth—no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be. After being fired by her modelling agency, she was one of the first women to publicly speak out about the unrealistic standards of the modelling industry, and the images they promote to young women all over the world. As a body inclusivity advocate, Charli continues to campaign tirelessly against society’s narrow beauty standards, and recently shared her own experiences in her book Misfit.

These principles of honesty and transparency are echoed in the brand’s commitment to using environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials. What’s more Squish is completely cruelty free and has a strict no animal testing policy. A fact that Udon their beloved Shih Tzu is especially proud of.


squish beauty

Cherry Eye & Cheek masks

Squish says: our Cheeky Cherry Eye & Cheek masks are the refreshing hydrogel masks you never knew you needed - designed to visibly de-puff, hydrate & cool the face in a unique cherry shape that reaches those areas other eye masks don't. They contain collagen and hyaluronic acid.

My review: one of the best features of Squish’s cherry masks is that they can be used up to three times, due to the fact they are thicker than the average masks on the market. I position the ‘cherry’ on the under eye area at the cheek bone and leave it on for 15- 20 mins as instructed. It instantly feels soothing and refreshing (it suggests leaving them in the fridge to maximise the cooling effect which is a great tip for a sweltering summer’s day). Upon removing them, the skin feels seriously softer, nourished and plumped up. Would 10/10 recommend!

squish beauty jelly lip gloss

Clear Jelly Lip Gloss

Squish says: it's the 90's throwback with a modern twist - non-sticky, silky smooth and full of natural jojoba oil to help keep your lips feeling refreshed, kissable and hydrated all day long. Jojoba oil is a wonder oil: natural, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and highly moisturizing. It's perfect for chapped, sunburnt or dry lips.

My review: anyone who can remember the lip sticking, hair-glued-to-face fiascos of Lancôme juicy tubes will be weary of lip glosses. But the formula of Squish’s jelly lip gloss is a far cry from the 90s Clueless-era glosses. Rather than the sensation of slathering your lips in an aggressively fruity smelling UHU glue, this oil based lip gloss feels hydrating and nourishing. However, it still gives all the impact of the high-shine statement lip we love. Pucker up, this is a beauty kit essential.

squish beauty flower acne patches

Flower Power Acne Patches

Squish says: our patches are made from hydrocolloid, a drug-free, non-drying, non-irritating ingredient, ideal for the most sensitive of skin. Hydrocolloid helps the blemish come to the surface and pop on its own (gross, but hey, it works!).

My review: these Korean-inspired acne patches zap blemishes in a gentle yet effective way. In fact these colourful, bejewelled acne patches will have you willing on a spot. Picking spots can make them worse and lead to scarring, so these patches will heal your blemishes in a safe, warm environment and encourage them to disappear without harming the skin around it.

All Squish products are available now at www.squishbeauty.com